Ritz Family Ranch
and the Trails of Life Program:

Serving young men ages 18 to25
Located in Yacolt Washington

Mission: Transitioning to an Independent and Healthy Future
The Ritz Family Ranch is tucked away in the beautiful countryside of Yacolt WA. This one-year program allows young men to
get away from the city and focus on a new life, new community and the good future God has for them.

The Trails of Life program, often completed in less than a year, enables homeless and at-risk young men to emerge with new
skills, new confidence, and a new network, securing new employment and housing. It is a powerful tool for building up both
individual young lives and the vibrancy of the community as a whole.

Trails of Life

Level One: Ranch Hand

Ritz Family Ranch: Triage

The young man’s needs are assessed and a plan is developed for positive change. He decompresses, safely removed from harmful or predatory outside influences, and becomes familiar with housemates, coworkers, chores, and expectations.

Royal Ridges: Trust

The young man begins supervised work in a serene ranch setting. He learns basic skills and tasks, follows set schedules, and functions as a part of a cohesive unit.

Level Two: Trail Hand

Ritz Family Ranch: Responsibility

The young man enjoys greater freedom as he demonstrates trustworthiness and relationships grow. He is helped in the task of forming a professional development strategy and a life plan and learns vocational requirements.

Royal Ridges: Independence

The young man works with less need for direct supervision and greater opportunity to contribute original thought to projects and tasks.

Level Three: Drover

Ritz Family Ranch: Team-Building

The young man is encouraged to evaluate how the program is working and how his own skills and talents fit into a team picture. He refines his job goals and begins to put his life plan into action.

Royal Ridges: Leadership

The young man makes decisions and begins to practice directing others effectively and respectfully. He owns his mistakes and engages in proactive thinking.

Level Four: Trail Boss

Ritz Family Ranch: Transition

The young man develops an exit strategy, orchestrating a successful re-entry into the community. He registers for classes or applies for work requiring his newly enhanced skills.

Royal Ridges: Mutuality

The young man supervises work projects and apprentices, thinks and acts independently for the benefit of the group, and focuses on maximizing results for others as well as self.


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